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How do I contact accuRegister if I have a problem?
What are your business hours?

accuRegister is a personalized registration service that works with all types of organizations to design personalized registration forms and to record any data that your organization deems necessary.  Our mission is to relieve organization of the burden of depending on volunteers to enter data and to contact members for payment of services.  When you use accuRegister, your can relax and concentrate on the business of promoting your breed, and helping members raise healthy animals.

accuRegister started fifteen years ago.  Since then, we have grown, and we now provide our services to twelve organizations.  Each one is unique, and each one has specific requirments.  When we say we are there to help, we mean it!

We work with your organization to identify your needs and then we find a customized solution.  There is no limit to the amount of information we can record, or the ways we can display it on your certificates.  If you have a particular registration certificate in mind, I will work with you to create it.  If you want to register your animals online, I will design a custom form to make it possible.  If you want an online pedigree search, we will work with you to make to information clear and easy to understand.

Please give me a call at (724) 513-7516, You will talk to the owner, John Savage, who will answer your questions and he will work with you to find ways to move your organization forward.



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