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ICAGR Colors and Patterns


Fleece Color   

1. White

2. Silver

3. Gray

4. Black with Gray Tips

5. Black

6. Fading Red (colored at birth fading to near white)    

7. Cream / Apricot     

8. Medium Red / Copper Red

9. Taupe / Silvery Brown

10. Chocolate Brown


A.   Solid color (no pattern)

B.   Black and White (dark front, light rear, no facial stripes)

C.   Darkbelly or Badger (dark belly, dark stripes on face, topline and legs, light body)

D.   Lightbelly or Reverse Badger (dark body, light stripes on face, belly & legs)

E.   Mantled (dark front, light rear, facial stripes)

F.   Peacock (light front, dark rear, facial stripes)

G.  Tog (dark body, belly, light facial and leg stripes)

H.   White Spots (white spots on colored background)

I.    Colored Spots (colored spots on white background)

J.   White with Colored Fibers

K.   Pinto (colored and white patches)

L.   Belt (white band around middle of goat)

M.  Partial Belt (partial extension of white from the belly up the side)



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