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International Colored Angora Goat Registry


"We are excited to work with accuRegister
and our customers
in this new venture and
strive to provide the best and most professional
registrations possible with the best prices in the industry!"

 Learn about our organization:

-The International Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association (ICAGR)
welcomes you to AccuRegister registration services.
-ICAGR was founded when the majority of CAGBA members
voted to continue services with AccuRegister.

-AccuRegister provides registration and transfer services for goats
used in breeding for color from CAGBA, ACAGR, AAGBA and CLRC. 

Pedigree information must be sent with all applications.
What you send will be displayed on your certificates.

Questions about ICAGR can be directed to:

Registration questions can be directed to AccuRegister:
ICAGR Board of Directors
Eric Lovig (Oregon), ICAGR Chair and former CAGBA NW Director
Bill Britton (Canada), former CAGBA Canadian Director
Trica O'Connell (Missouri), former CAGBA SC Director
Jane Smith (Texas), former CAGBA Secretary
Carol Ronan (Oregon), ICAGR Recorder & former CAGBA newsletter editor