Updated 1/1/2017

No paperwork will be processed without membership payment
*junior membership for ages 21 years or less at January 1st
Annual Member Fee: $40.00
Annual Junior Member Fee: $15.00
Booster Dues: $25.00

*non-members must pay double rates
*any animal with a change in ownership at the time of registration must also include transfer fees
Sheep under 12 months: $7.00

Sheep over 12 months: $14.00

*transfers must be sent in & paid for by the seller
60 days & under from date of sale: $7.00

60 days & over from date of sale: $14.00

Other Fees
Duplicate registration certificate: $7.00

Corrected registration certificate: $10.00
Christened rams: $25.00
Christened ewes: $5.00
accuRegister RUSH Fee: $35.00
*accuRegister has a standard 10 day turn around time that does not include weekends/holidays/postal delivery time.
If you need your work back quickly this fee must be paid.
This fee is for the entire order to be processed within 24 hours of the registry receiving your work.
Your work will be mailed back to you via USPS Express complete with a tracking number.

Shipping is 1-2 days depending on your city/state.
NAILE per head-open show only: $10.00
Website breeder link: $10.00


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