We encourage all organizations
to use the accuRegister PayPal.

Enter the amount below &
the calculator will show the
amount you need to pay.


Why are the PayPal charges being added to my payment?
Can I pay my organization directly?
Should I just send a check with my registration application?
Can't accuRegister just bill me later for my certificates?



Please use this calculator for your PayPal Total:


This form is used to determine the PayPal Total
Amount you owe for services:
PayPal Total


You must use the calculator to find out
how much money you actually need to send.
The calculator will factor
in the PayPal fee's for your work.

For example: $12.00 entered will show
that you need to send us $12.66

PayPal adds charges to your payment that
are not reimbursed to accuRegister

When you pay for your services

on the next page, please re-enter the
calculated amount (Example: $12.66)


Thank you!